22B, Andreevskiy Spusk Str.
(Kontraktovaya Square metro station)
Kiev, Ukraine

+380444256684 workshop
+380444251328 office

Monday — Sunday
8:30 am — 7:30 pm

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When in March of 2000th the creative laboratory Fluranet consisting at that moment of two young artists and psy-trance lovers had started its way in business, they had no idea one day it would have turned into a wide net of stores with a headquarter in a downtown and a 20+ people team. Fluranet Shop on Andreevsky Spusk 22B is the first and the most famous one among local customers and tourists; located in the very heart of Kiev between very traditional Ukrainian souvenir shops, this seemingly underground project, nevertheless, managed to become cult and popularise trance on the national scale. Not boasting, but proud!

Various attributes of psychedelic culture are presented in the store – pipes, amulets, candlesticks, author clothes and accessories, wall tapestries and paintings, toys and bijouterie — every piece is hand made and unique. The title Fluranet stands for fluorescent colours which are a distinguishing feature of this subculture, since they look most impressive in ultraviolet lights commonly used in night-clubs. So in the first seconds in the store you may feel as if you are at a discotheque. : )