22B, Andreevskiy Spusk Str.
(Kontraktovaya Square metro station)
Kiev, Ukraine

+380444256684 workshop
+380444251328 office

Monday – Sunday
8:30 am — 7:30 pm

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Not so long ago our oldest and the most famous Flura-Shop in the very heart of Kiev — at Andreevsky Spusk Street, 22B — had been extended, so now it consists of one more department presenting eco-boho-ethno-items exclusively. The new Jiva Shop, which is located literally next door, is eco and ethnically oriented; it offers bijouterie, author toys and dolls, clothes, bags and accessories and various souvenirs, including the eastern ones. Every single piece presented in Jiva Shop is handmade and produced from natural fabrics like flax, hemp, cotton, wool, wood, clay or seeds. Naturally cool, we say!