It was an honour for us — no more, no less — to decorate the cradle the trance culture was born in.

The place at The Anjuna Beach in Goa (India) known now as Curlie’s Club was in far sixties ‘a place of power’ for hippies from all around the world. They were hanging out and partying there so productively that formed a new subculture – trance – with its main attributes and features. By 2d decade of 2000s it existed in an incarnation of an indian restaurant and many world famous DJs performed there. But some of them did not really like the smell of kitchen on the dance floor, so in 2013 the owner made a wise decision to move the dance floor to the beach, create an open air stage and renovate the restaurant. So we created the design concept from ground zero and then implemented it in numerous psychedelic vedic-inspired low relief, murals and statues. Proud to say that we touched History!


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