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[accordion][accordions title=”I live in Russia, I would love to buy your product, is it possible to do so with the C.O.D. payment?” state=”closed”] We don’t work with the C.O.D. payment because it isn’t supported by Russian and Ukrainian postal services, sadly. So, prepayment only.
[/accordions][accordions title=”Do you deliver your products to Moscow and how much does it cost?” state=”closed”] We deliver worldwide — by mail, by train or by delivery services. There are 2 ways of shipping a purchase to Moscow — by Postal Service ($30 per kg, 10-14 days) and by train, with a conductor ($20-50 per package, depending on the volume). [/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”I don’t understand how the process of purchasing is going on.” state=”closed”] The process is simple: you pay, we check the payment, produce the item if it isn’t there, and ship your order to you.
[/accordions][accordions title=”What are the terms?” state=”closed”] The terms depend on how big the order is and how quickly your transfer arrives. Usually it takes 7 to 10 days, but sometimes can be really fast. [/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”If I need a product urgently, how fast can you send it to me?” state=”closed”] Transfer money for a product with Western Union in any bank. Receiver: Rukavitsin Sergey, Kiev, Ukraine. Send an SMS to +38 067 2474462 with the sender’s and transfer data: tracking number, amount, name, city. We will send it to you ASAP and you will get in a couple of days.
[/accordions][accordions title=”I do not understand anything about web money, is there any alternate way to pay?” state=”closed”] Go to a bank and tell a manager that you need to transfer money to Ukraine, Kyiv. Preferable Instant Payment Systems are Contact, Western Union or ‘Мигом’. You make a transfer to Rukavitsin Sergey Vladimirovich in Kiev (Ukraine), then send an SMS on the phone number +380672474462 with the tracking number and the sender’s data: name, city, amount. Note please that the price does not include any additional costs like for shipment, so check it out in advance contacting us: +380672474462,, ICQ 302862805 [/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”Do you work with Yandex money?” state=”closed”] We do. Account number 41001356403625. If you are going to make the payment through Yandex money system, bear in mind that it will add +10%.
[/accordions][accordions title=”Is there any guarantee that you won’t frame me just stealing my money away?” state=”closed”] There is no guarantee, of course, but we won’t steal your money. We work absolutely legally running online and offline stores since 2000, and our reputation costs much more then your few bucks. It’s kind of hard to hide a polluted name in the age of total internet-transparency, you know. But if you doubt, you may not buy online, but in stores of our dealers in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg. The only thing is—their prices are a bit higher. [/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”If I want to buy a lot, can I have any discount?” state=”closed”] Yes, if the purchase amount exceeds $1000, there is the special price.[/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”Why are prices so low, what’s the trick?” state=”closed”] No trick. There are few reasons: 1st, we are manufacturers, every item — from dye to label — is made by us. So there are no mediators, you buy the product first hand. 2nd, we are not a retail store. The amount of minimum purchase is $100, something like a small wholesale.
[/accordions][accordions title=”I don’t want to buy goods on $100, I need just one necklace. Just recently you could send just one item and now there is ‘the amount of minimum purchase’.” state=”closed”] As you could notice, our prices are unprecedentedly low, because we are engaged in wholesale and finely wholesale. If we have time, we can sell you just one necklace, but we can not promise any fixed terms and deadlines of production. Also bear in mind, that shipping one item costs the same amount of money as shipping a few – because of delivery services’ rates (per kilo).
[/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”I have a non-standard size, is it possible to tailor the product for me?” state=”closed”] Yes. We anyway produce it for you — either using existing standards of sizes L, M, XL or customizing it for you. If you have a non-standard size, you just have to take measurements of yourself.
For cardigans, longsleeves: the distance from shoulder to shoulder on the back, the item length, the distance from shoulder to wrist, Bust, and the distance from the neck to the shoulder. For pants and skirt: length, waist, hips. Here is the manual how to take measurements.>>
[/accordions][accordions title=”I want my print on a t-shirt, how much would it cost?” state=”closed”] The price depends on the size and complexity of the print. Usually, it starts from $20 to…. Send us your sketch so that we could evaluate it.[/accordions][accordion][accordions title=”How to contact you?” state=”closed”] Phone +38 0672474462 works 24/7.
+38044 4251328 10:00 am — 07:00 pm
+380444266684 10:00 am — 06:00 pm
Skype: fluranet
ICQ 302862805SMS, you can leave a messages, we will reply to everybody.
Kiev, Andrew’s Descent Street, 22B, Kotraktovaya Square metro station. 10:00 — 06:00 pm every day without breaks and weekends. [/accordions][/accordion]


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