The project designed for an international electronic music festival The Kazantip Republic (Crimea, Ukraine) in 2010.

A concrete tunnel linking two conceptually and visually different locations of the venue — called Mars and Earth — was conceptualised as a transition zone between two realities, a portal through which people get from Earth to Martian colony’s territory. It was named after the mysterious Large Hadron Collider and meant to plunge the audience into a totally alien and surreal atmosphere, so that they would re-tune to another frequency and come out of it with a bit shifted perception. In order to make the movement through the tunnel full of audio-visual impressions, amazement and suspense, 300 square meters of the tunnel’s inner surface were designed with murals, low reliefs, light, concrete and metal installations in the biomechanics Giger-ish style, and equipped with strobe and fluorescent lights.

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