AK-47 XL


  • Height: 120-150 cm
  • THC: 21-24%
  • Harvest: 750 g / m2
  • Type: 70% Sativa / 20% Indica / 10% Ruderalis
  • Flowering: 59 Days
  • Origin: Canada / Afghanistan
  • Country: Canada

Auto AK-47 XL seeds – select auto-color

This feminized variety is an improved autoflowering analog of the famous AK-47. Buy cannabis seeds AK-47 Auto in our store is simple and, in addition, of high quality. & nbsp; It is dominated by Sativa , which occupies 70% of the composition of TGC. If you need to buy cannabis seeds that can withstand temperature changes , then Auto Auto-47 XL is what you need. However, the presence of Indica and Ruderalis gives particular value to the variety, due to the original psychedelic effect that they give. The stamp was developed in 2010, resulting in a successful combination of different properties, the plants were able to produce up to 21-24% THC, and its height is up to 120-150 cm. Auto AK-47XL is highly valued among gourmands who understand the subtleties of tetrahydrocannabinol.

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For plants grown from autoflowering feminized seeds, it’s easy to take care of. If there is a well-equipped growbox, the peculiarities of care for this variety will not spoil the pleasure of this process. Autoflowers also grow well in flower pots, near-home plots or inaccessible places. The variety is unpretentious, the plants are resistant to insignificant temperature changes, they have normal immunity to infection with fungus or mold. It is important to ensure that the lower part also receives a lot of light, to increase the productivity of the plant. Smoke has a natural spicy flavor and a mild Indian flavor. Cannabis Auto AK-47XL is ideal for relaxing after a tiring and stressful day , facilitates communication, gives a sense of happiness. Smoking of this variety also has a slight analgesic effect that removes migraine.


The price is for 1 seed. In the original packaging, 6 seeds, the price of packing (36 USD)