• Height: 1,5-2,5 m
  • THC: 26%
  • Flowering: 61-63 days
  • Harvest (indoor): 750-900 g/m2
  • Harvest (outdoor): up to 1000 g/plant
  • Genetic: 85% Indica / 15% Sativa

The price of one seed is 8 dollars
The package contains 3 seeds – 24 $

Created by Canadian breeders, this strain is a remake of the famous OG Kush that originates from California, but is known and loved all over the world. Parent strains of Divine OG Kush are Pakistani Kush (strong and sturdy Indica), Lemon Thai (bright Sativa) and ChemDawg – the mighty hybrid with an ammonia smell. The result is an Indica-dominant genotype, amazingly potent and quite productive, especially in terms of resin. Great for hasheesh making. More resistant to various climatic conditions, Divine OG Kush is becoming very popular among growers from many countries.

Growing Divine OG Kush

Simpler in handling than the classical OG Kush, this strain is rather tall. Yet indoors plants mostly remain within 1.5 m height, which is definitely a plus. Out of doors expect about 2 m high plants. Training is a good way to keep plants under the height limit appropriate for the user, and better yields are a massive reward that Divine OG Kush will provide in response to cleverly done ScroG, LST, FIM or SoG. Quite fast to flower, smells pungently. Ready for outdoor harvesting in first two weeks of October.

Divine OG Kush Effects

This rich flavor is sweetened with citrus and tropical fruit hints. Divine OG Kush induces a trippy stoning state where your mind is daydreaming, and your body is as relaxed as a cat’s. Best consumed at home, in a quiet situation that you are accustomed to. Great for stretching as way as painkilling. Used for medical purposes by those combating anemia, appetite or sleep disorders, anxiety, nausea, irritability. The effects last for 2-3 hours and can be better enjoyed in the evening hours.