Handcrafted Pocket Friend – ‘Pushistik’


Materials: New Zealand wool, polymer clay

Techniques: Dry felting, hand sculpting

Attachment: Glue

Production Stages:

Sculpting the polymer clay part, baking
Creating the internal base from undyed wool for larger toys/forming the body from the main material
Attaching plastic details
Final decorating (concealing joints, aligning symmetry, decorative elements: stripes, dots, etc.)

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Immerse yourself in the world of handmade magic with these enchanting pocket friends! Each figure is painstakingly created by an artist from the finest New Zealand wool and polymer clay. The combination of ancient dry felting techniques and intricate polymer clay sculpting gives birth to unique creatures, full of warmth and charm of handmade artistry.

Every pocket friend is a true work of art with it’s own character, embodying the uniqueness of handcrafted beauty.

By adopting these little creatures, we comfort ourselves with a touch of joy, warmth, and coziness.


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