Winter solstice



December 21, the day of the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and one of the most energetic and mystical days of the year. The ancestors considered this time a threshold that should be correctly crossed to have the New Year light and successful. It is believed that on this day the shadows that all earthly objects cast are the longest. For many cultures, this day was a special celebration of the transition, which was accompanied by various rituals and ceremonies, but the only thing that unites this day in different cultures is the presence of congenial people around .

On the day of the Winter Solstice we will gather at the FluRArium Eco Center (in the Carpathians in Snidavka), visit the ancient sanctuaries, take a steam bath on a wood fire and with live water, swim in the plunge pool and enter the new annual cycle with the sounds of the mystical project DVA DEREVA and then dance to the rhythms of Gagarin Project.

• Expedition to the ancient sanctuaries – 21.12, 12:00 – 17:00;
• Live performance of the project DVA DEREVA – 21.12, 18:00 – 20:00;
• Bathing in a vat in a plunge pool with melt water. Wild forest bath on a wood fire (for extra charge); DJ set from Gagarin Project (Chill) – 22.12, 18:00;
• Bonfires, tea, hugs. Registration fee – 500 UAH.

All collected funds will go to the development of the Eco-center. We remember everyone who helped and supported the FluRArium project at its start. Volunteers, assistants, residents of “Spilnokosht” and those who know who we are talking about)) – free entrance for all events.

Separate accommodation – nearby hostels and hotels “Zagrayka” – Snidavka
Kosiv – 17 km
Verkhovyna – 20 km

Tickets can be bought on the website

Transfer to card: TAScom Bank – 5366 3970 0002 8222 IBAN – UA433395000000026203391036001 Rukavitsyn Sergey Vladimirovich.


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